Do you want to know about Fiverr Gig Ranking…?

Freelancing is one of the leading fields around the world at the moment especially after the COVID-19 Pandemic because it provides us a way to earn a handsome amount without leaving our home and comfort zone. According to a rough estimate, the number of freelancers has increased during this COVID-19 Pandemic.
When it comes to a new career as a Freelancer the best marketplace is due to it’ss Beginner’s-Friendly behavior. It helps buyers to buy your services directly based upon your “Gigs”.

Key Points for making a New Gig.

While making new gigs, there are some important points that should be kept in mind.
Are you excited?
Here are the points that will help you to make a super-duper gig.

1) Choose a category with very little competition.
2) Under that category focus on “Keywords” having less competition or gigs.
For example:
Rather then focussing on a Keyword like “Shopify Developer” it’s better if we break that and focus on Keywords like “Shopify Store developer”, “Shopify Store from Scratch” etc

3) Use those targeted keywords into your Gig’s title and description like, “I will build a Shopify Store from Scratch” etc.
4) The Thumbnail of your gigs matters a lot. Don’t use any image from Google etc. Make your own with a unique design. If you don’t know Designing simply use online tools to make that like etc.

5) Try to make a basic package in such a way that its price should be $5 at the start. Fiverr algorithm ranks the gigs with $5 with the basic package more at the start.
6) Intelligently put the tags for your keywords. Remember tags are the keywords you are targeting.

Fiverr Gig Ranking Points to Ponder.

After making a Gig on Fiverr, the next aim is a gig ranking and get orders. Here are the four most important points to ponder.

1) Share your gig on Social media like WhatsApp Status, Facebook, etc. It will help your gig to have views, clicks, and impressions that are very beneficial at the start.
2) Mark my words the most important thing to rank is “Staying Online 24/7”. That’s how Fiverr works. It doesn’t rank the gigs which are offline. It will only rank the gigs if you are online every time.
3) At the start focus on getting reviews (Original Reviews not fake) rather than making money. 5-10 initial reviews are important to a gig to appear on to the top.
4) Staying online doesn’t mean just open the Fiverr in a Tab or App and leave. “Keep refreshing continuously after some minutes” else you’ll be offline automatically.

There are some Peak Hours of Fiverr at which it’s compulsory to stay online which is late at night due to time difference. At peak time there is a maximum chance of getting orders.

Remember, to stay online at the peak time, else your gig won’t rank and no orders at all.

All the best:)