Are you a new seller? Don’t know how to make an effective gig?
This is how you can make an effective gig that gets orders on Fiverr.

Freelancing is increasing day by day across the world especially after the COVID Pandemic due to the freedom of work it provides. In Freelancing, you are your own boss. It provides independence and flexibility in working hours. It provides a way to earn money online without leaving your home. There is a number of marketplaces where sellers make their account and provide their services. Buyers visit those marketplaces for their work. The working of Fiverr is different from other marketplaces and is friendly for newbies as new sellers don’t have to bid on projects like Upwork, Guru, etc.

As a seller on Fiverr, We have to do certain things so that our gig can rank and possibly be purchased by buyers.

Here arises a question that what are those features that are necessary for a gig that will make it attractive to attract the buyers, for more orders?

Let’s have a look.

6 Important points to make an effective gig that gets orders on Fiverr:

1. Choose a Category with low competition:

The first point is choosing a category with low competition. Under that category wisely choose a keyword with low competition and less number of gigs. Just go to Fiverr and search for any keyword. If the number of gigs is under 3000 or 5000 this keyword can be targeted and you have a chance of ranking a gig.
For example:
Rather than focussing on a Keyword like “Content Writing” it’s better if we break that and focus on subcategories Keywords like “Speech Writing”, “Script Writing” etc because these keywords have low competition and less number of gigs as shown.
Similarly, find out the 5 best keywords under that category. These will be used as tags while making the gigs.


2. Title of Gig:

After choosing a category and targeting keywords the next important step is “Title of the Gig”. Never copy the title at all. The best way to write a title is as follows.
Open the selected keywords in the search bar and select the 5 best gigs. Copy their titles onto a page. By looking at their titles, common words and try to modify those 5 titles into your own unique title. The best title to rank is under 50 words, so try to have a title under that limit. It helps in better SEO of title and gig.
After the title select the related categories and sub-categories.

After writing the title the next phase is of tags. Put those 5 keywords as tags we selected above with low competition and gigs. These tags will help your gigs to rank when someone will search the related tags.

Select save and continue. Your basic gig information is completed.

3. Gig Packages:

After title and tags, the next phase is selecting your packages. Repeat the above process of searching the gigs by related keywords. Again, Don’t copy the packages at all. Select 5-10 best-selling gigs.
Analyze their packages and try to adjust your packages according to those.

Keep your basic price at $5 at the start because it helps the gig to rank better at the start. In short, write the packages and other things after analyzing the best gigs.

4. Gig Description:

Gig Description is the most important point. Never copy the description of any other gig. Again open 5-10 related gigs, read their descriptions and try to write your own. The best description includes

  • Try to write the main focus keyword in the first line of the description and adjust it properly in your own way.
  • Explain about yourself and your experience in a small paragraph.
  • Explain what do you offer basically in this gig and mention all the services in points.
  • Explain your working structure and points out why a buyer should prefer you and what extra do you offer.
  • “Why” the client should choose you? this is very important and should be attractive. Add details of extra services or benefits you provide.
  • At last, what you will provide in delivery, the type of files etc.

In short, once again the best way is to open the 5-10 best gigs. Read and analyze their descriptions to get some ideas and necessary points. Write your description in your own words using that idea you get after analyzing.

5. Gig images and Videos:

Whatever you have done above do that here as well. Analyze the Gig Images of other sellers and create your own eye-catchy and attractive image to attract the buyers. Don’t copy it or download it from Google.

Create your own image using Photoshop or Canva. The attractive image attracts the buyers more.
Don’t underestimate the power of Gig Video. The gigs with introductory videos are more attractive and rank more. Create a nice video with the services you provide. Again you can take the idea by looking at other gig’s videos.

After you add gig image/videos Click “Save” the “Publish” that’s all.


You have made your gig. But don’t go anywhere. One important point remains.

6. Share your Gigs for promotion:

Your gigs are completed now but the important step is the promotion of the gigs. Share your gigs on social media like Facebook groups, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, and as your What’s app status, etc.
It will help the ranking of your Gigs as well due to clicks on it. When you share your gigs also use related hashtags like “Content Writer” use #ContentWriter etc.

Share with a nice description of your services and gigs while posting on social media with gig image. This will help you in the ranking of your gigs and you will see the result in few days.

That’s all folks:)

In this blog, I have tried to mention all the necessary things while making a gig. I hope this will help you in getting orders after making an effective gig. If you have any queries please ask in the comments.

Do share with others:)

Best Wishes.