Do you want to be one of those 10K Tech Freelancers and Entrepreneurs in 2021?

COVID Pandemic had a devastating impact worldwide. All of the businesses, educations, and other activities around the world were badly affected. In these circumstances to stay competitive, every department shifted to online solutions. The whole education system was online worldwide. Businesses across the world start focussing on digital solutions and customers shifted to online channels as well.

All of that increases the demand for digitalization across the world. According to a report, the number of freelancers increased worldwide under this Covid Pandemic because of unemployment.

In fact, Payoneer provided the list of the top 10 freelancer growth countries under this pandemic.

1- Philipines – 208%
2- India – 160%
3- Japan – 87%
4- Australia – 86%
5- Hongkong – 79%
6- Mexico – 72%
7- Canada – 71%
8- Pakistan – 69%
9- Argentina – 66%
10- Spain – 66%

Are you amazed by these facts? Don’t be amazed because these stats are never-ending in 2021 as well. There is a number of services which you can offer worldwide to earn a lot of money. There is a number of freelance marketplaces that are friendly as well.

Our AIM:

The world is shifting online and we are lacking way behind in Technology. Our youth is struggling for jobs. The numbers of Jobs are way less than the actual applicants.
We aim to have 10,000 tech freelancers and entrepreneurs in 2021 from the Freelancing Talks Platform to grow our country. Self-employment is the best solution under these circumstances.

We will launch many courses this year across Pakistan to help others to grow with a very minimal fee which will be used for Charity Purposes.

Are you excited? Do you want to be one of those 10K?

Stay tuned:)

More details will be shared soon.

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