What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source and free Control Management System (CMS) that allows the user to create their website. In short, it is a web publishing software, that helps build and manage one’s full-featured website while just using a web browser and with no prior knowledge of coding.

In more technical terms, WordPress is a control management system that is written in PHP. The software was initially released on the 27th of May 2003 as a blog publishing system but has since evolved and become the most popular web publishing platform.

Why is WordPress popular?

WordPress presently powers 32% of the web. It helps beginners and users to easily create websites, hobby blogs, and other web content types including the more traditional mailing lists and forums, media galleries, membership sites, Learning Management Systems (LMS), and online stores. It has also been used for other application domains such as Pervasive Display Systems (PDS).

What kind of websites can be made using WordPress?

With WordPress, you can create any type of website without learning how to code. Some examples include:

  1. Personal Blog
  2. Business Website
  3. eCommerce
  4. Job Board
  5. Business Directory
  6. Non-Profit or Religious Website
  7. Portfolio Website
  8. Online Communities
  9. Auction Websites
  10. Multilingual Websites
  11. Wiki websites
  12. Podcast websites
  13. Photography Websites
  14. School or College Websites
  15. Family Blogs

These are just some of the examples of websites that can be created using WordPress. By adding different templates and plugins you can create a completely different website with added features and a custom design.

Why use WordPress?

Some of the reasons WordPress is so popular as a website publishing software is because:

  1. Open Source and Free

WordPress is opensource. This means that the code of the software is designed to be publicly accessible, in the sense that anyone can download, modify, and distribute, as they see fit. This also means that WordPress is free to be downloaded as software.

  • Easy to Learn and Use

As there is no need to learn to code or hire a web designer every time you need to make a change it is easy to learn and use. The software is so designed that you can easily update and make your content without any coding knowledge.

  • Customizable

There are a wide variety of templates, themes, and plugins available to help create a website or blog. This huge library helps customization of the content easy and fun. It helps you to either change the whole look of the website or add certain features. These features can include online stores, a media gallery, or a mailing list.

  • Control Your Content

WordPress has open access to different platforms. There are features to help import content from different platforms like Blogger or Tumblr. Aside from that, there is also an export option that lets you transport all your content to another platform and away from WordPress whenever you want. You are in control of your Content!

  • Community

If you are having trouble with a custom feature or if you ran into a problem, it is easy to hire someone to help. In addition to the tutorials to help you with your website creation. There are several developers and designers of WordPress that can help you.

What is the Cost to create a website using WordPress?

The WordPress software is open source and free to download and use. However, that does not mean that maintaining a website on the internet would not cost anything. WordPress, to put, would cost about $11-$40 /month. Though realistically speaking there would be one-time costs. Some of the pricing factors can include:

  1. Domain (yearly) $12
  2. Hosting (monthly) $2.95
  3. Premade Themes (one-time) $0-$200
  4. Plugins (ongoing or one-off) $0-$1000
  5. Security (ongoing or one-off) $50
  6. Developer fees (one-time) $0 -$1000

What is the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com?

There are 2 different domains for WordPress. So, s there a difference between the two? If there is then what is it?

Well simply put:

  1. WordPress.Org is a self-hosted version of WordPress.
  2. WordPress.Com is the hosted version of WordPress.

The self-hosted version is more popular. This is because it is much more flexible and has no restrictions on how you use the self-hosted version, this means that you can customize your website however you want as you see fit and can hold full control over your content. Though, for this version you need to purchase a website hosting package from a company like Kinsta or Siteground to keep the website online 24 hours.

In contrast, WordPress.com is a hosted publishing service that hosts WordPress for you. This helps to focus all your time on creating, managing, marketing, and customizing your website. It is free to help create the website though there is an upgrade of about $4month to gain access to features such as domain name and remove advertising.

How to Earn Money by Using WordPress?

Some ways to earn money are:

1. Monetize your Blog Content.

When we talk about gaining money from blogging, advertising comes to mind. So, one of the ways to monetize your blog is:

  • Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing means that you can advertise a certain product, brand, or service by special tracking links and then get a certain amount of money each time, a customer is directed to their product through your website.

  • Display Google AdSense

By displaying certain ads from google on your website, you can earn money with each click from a customer that came from your website. If you display CPC (Cost Per Clicks) Ads, then you can a certain fee every time a visitor clicks on the ad.

  • Use a WordPress plugin to directly sell Ads.

By using a Plugin, you can directly sell space from your website for an ad. You can negotiate the price of the ad on your terms. This way you get a certain amount of revenue from the traffic you direct to the advertising brand.

  • Sell Sponsored Blog Posts

An alternative way of monetization is sponsorship deals. It is basically, that a company pays you to advertise, represent, review, and talk about the product to your viewers and readers. Depending on your platform, you can negotiate the cost of sponsorship. While advertising a sponsorship deal it is crucial to know the laws and policies of the state related to the sponsorship deal in your local area and country.

2. Create a Paid Membership Website.

Another option to earn is by creating a business directory or listing a website. By this, you can have your audience pay to view certain content or areas of your website.

  • Create content for Private Viewers.

Loyal readers of a blog or website may be willing to pay more to view the content you provide so creating content for private viewing is another way to gain money from your blog or website. You can do this by creating a certain amount of content for members only and give out membership deals to increase your revenue.

  • Create Private Forums.

You can also create private forms for interaction with the viewers. This way certain readers will pay a little more to have more access to your website or even interact with you depending on the type of membership that they have purchased. Forums are a great way for the usual members to get one on one advice from the creator as well.

  • Create a Q&A Community.

Just like Forums, you need to build a sizeable audience to build a community for Q&A. This community helps build an audience that is driven motivated and highly engaged. Popular Q&A websites can get advertisements and sponsorship deals at even higher prices.

3. Create a Directory Website.

One of the available options of creating an income via WordPress is by charging visitors to advertise their listings on your website. Some of the ways to do that is:

  • Create a Paid Business Directory

A business directory is a website or printed listing of information that lists businesses within niche, location, activity, or size-based categories.

  • Create a WordPress Job Board With Paid Submissions

You can also gain a fee by creating a job board with paid submission using WordPress Tutorials and plugins. A Job Board is a website used by employees to advertise vacancies for a particular job for potential job seekers. By asking for a particular fee, you can advertise the vacancies on your job board.

  • Create WordPress Event Calendar With Paid Submissions

Similar to Job Board, you can also create an event calendar with aid submissions. You can charge people a small fee to advertise their public events to the audience on your platform as well. It garners a higher amount if you already have a large platform with a diverse audience as the organizations are willing to pay to reach your viewers.

4. Sell Digital Products Online.

You can utilize a low-maintenance way to earn money by blogging on WordPress by selling your digital products through the website.

  • Sell eBooks.

eBooks are an easy choice of digital products that can be sold online. Depending on the type of blog you run, you can pick up some of your older posts related to a topic and create chapters of the book. Once done you can create an interesting cover, convert it into pdf form and then sell it. This can generate a steady income for you as well.

  • Sell Online Courses.

Another easier way to make money online is by selling online courses. If you have knowledge related to a certain topic, you can use It to your advantage and offer courses of different levels to your audience as well.

  • Host a Paid Webinar.

With the help of WordPress, you can also host certainly paid webinars on your website or blog. If you have an established platform then you can negotiate for a higher price as the people of the webinar will be willing to pay to reach a larger audience as well.

5. Sell Services Online.

You can also gain a steady income by advertising and selling your services through the website. Some of the ways to do that are:

  • Offer Freelance Services

By offering services and skills on an hourly wage, you can also gain revenue. Freelancing is a popular way to earn as it doesn’t require an investment of time or money. You are paid for every resource you spend.

  • Start a Consulting Business

By starting consultation, you can also earn a lot of money. As a consultant, you can offer strategies and advice on different matters by walking the client through the process.

  • Become a Coach.

Coaching is a form of development in which you can provide support, offer advice and guidance on a specific subject. There are writing or interview coaches aside from sports coaches. Whatever area of expertise, one-on-one advice is an easy and rewarding form of generating income.

6. Sell Physical Products.

Though selling digital products and services is common, you can also generate revenue by selling physical products. If You have the knowledge or skill for this then this is something you can do.

  • Start eCommerce Business with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin that helps you to set up an online store. It is designed to help small to large-sized online merchants. By selling physical products instead of services you can boost your revenue and it can also be rewarding in its way as well.

  • Build an online T-shirt Shop.

If you have the skills or creativity to create your merchandise, then you can open an online store for different t-shirts. The designs could be anything you want. These t-shirts can also create an intimate bond with the viewers and in turn, increase your popularity as well.

  • Create a WooCommerce Drop-shipping Shop.

WooCommerce can be utilized to form drop shipping instead of an online shop. Drop-shipping is a form of retail that accepts customers’ orders but does not have goods in stock.

7.Offer Platform as a Service.

Using plugins that are full-fledged platforms themselves you can add them to your blog and offer it as a paid service. That will help you earn a passive income from the user traffic on your website.

  • Create an Online Marketplace Website

An online marketplace is an e-commerce place that not only lets one buy but also sells their products with a certain fee transferred to you.

  • Create Auction Website

An auction website allows one to place bids and competitively buy products. This helps the vendor to create easy profit. A popular example of an auction website is e-bay.  To create an auction website via WordPress you need add-ons like; WooCommerce, Auction Add-ons, and Multi-vendors add-ons.

  • Create a Job Marketplace Website

Like Job Board, Job Market place is a place where employers roam around to find employees or employees try to find a job. It is an online website where people browse and go job hunting from the vicinity of their own homes and search for credible positions.

8. Become a WordPress Designer or Developer.

If you have the skills and knowledge then you can create your themes, codes, templates, or plugins for WordPress and offer these as paid services to the other users on the software to help generate money.

  • Develop WordPress Plugins

Plugins are a software component that adds a specific feature to existing computer software and helps in customization. You can utilize your technical prowess to create different plugins and offering to sell them at a certain price.

  • Sell WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are templates that help passionate novice creators to create their websites. If you enjoy web development and design, then this is something that you would enjoy doing.

  • Sell Graphics on Your WordPress Site

If you have been aesthetically gifted then this the right category to let loose, enjoy and earn a good amount of money. You can use your technical gifts and create logos, banners, or graphic posts and sell them for a fixed fee.


In Conclusion, WordPress is open-source free software that can help one to create a website without the need to learn to code. With a small monthly fee, you can create and customize your blog and then earn a steady revenue by monetizing your blogs or offer products or services.

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