The world of trade and commerce has taken digital form and now people conduct commerce activities online. Numerous e-commerce platforms are allowing people worldwide to buy and sell, and one of these is Shopify.


Shopify is a website that allows users to create their online stores. It is a subscription-based site with an initial 14 – day free trial enabling its users to get a hold of its interface and tools provided. This is what the Shopify portal looks like.

  • To start a free trial, you must fill in your email address and then you get further to the page where you have to create your store.
  • Fill out your email ID and password and put in a name for your store and click on “create your store”.
  • After this information has been filled in, we get to another page where Shopify will demand you to give it your personal information and after that, you will end up at the Shopify page. Here you can add your products, set up a creative and catchy theme, and add up a domain. You can have access to analytics, marketing tools, you can create a discount on your products, and can track the customer’s placed orders.

Shopify’s Worldwide demand:

Shopify is an eCommerce platform used throughout the globe. At the end of 2020, Shopify declared its million-plus merchants worldwide. In October 2020, Shopify announced the holding of 600,000 businesses in 175 countries and 1.4 million full-time jobs. In April 2017, Shopify disclosed about its 1 million active users.

User statistics:

Shopify entertains influential brands of the world including Nestle, Pepsi, Unilever, Tesla Motors, and Red Bull.

The app installations are 25.8 million.


Some of the many reasons for using Shopify are

  • It is very easy to use. With some clicks and drag & drops, you can create your own eCommerce business
  • All business tools are provided on a single platform.
  • On Shopify, you can sell physical, digital products, memberships, classes, and lessons as well
  • You can sell anywhere and everywhere to your customers.

Freelancing Services in Shopify:

Shopify jobs include the following jobs as


Creation and management of the stores for your client’s Shopify website. You can manage their inventory.


You can work as a Shopify freelancer by creating discounts and coupons for the online store.


One can also freelance as a designer. You can work in Shopify Theme Stores and design some creative themes and sell those to the shop owners.


Work as a developer by fixing bugs in your client’s Shopify website. You can fix issues like Shopify theme bugs or errors. You can also give out help by fixing Liquid, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the codes designed for themes.


A data scientist works by creating machine learning-based tools and processes. This person makes value out of data. You can be a statistical analyst for your client’s Shopify website.

As a virtual assistant, you can help your client to manage some parts of his Shopify store and other related tasks

These are some of the many job opportunities you can acquire when working with Shopify. You can either create your online store on Shopify or can offer services for your clients by managing and regulating their Shopify stores as Developers & Designers. Don’t stress out if you are unemployed in the physical world, there are wider options in the digital world.

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