Freelancing is getting attention and acknowledgment with the passing days, and people are getting more into it. Fiverr is the platform where the ideas glow. By offering your services to the clients, you get paid. There is a number of services on Fiverr with very low competition services and high reward.

There are some low-competition digital marketing gigs by offering which you can start your freelancing career as a digital marketer and earn a good income minimum 1000USD/month in a span of just 4 to 5 months.

6 Amazing Digital marketing gigs.

Here are some of the amazing digital marketing gigs with very low competition and high rewards on Fiverr.

1. Display Advertising.

Digital display advertising is branding or advertising a brand, a product, or a service through visual aid like pictures and videos. These are like the ads or videos you get on Facebook or YouTube before viewing your actual content.

Fiverr has only 540 gigs for this category making it an easy target for beginners

Digital marketing gigs

2. Text Message Marketing.

It is communicating useful information about the brands, business talks, or sales and promotions via texts to your customers. It is a digital marketing strategy on a more personal level.

Fiverr currently has 544 gigs for this job, making it a low competition category. So, if you are a beginner it gets easier for you to target it.

Digital marketing gigs

3. Social Media Advertising.

It is like using social media platforms to get in touch with your audience and enlighten them about your brands and services and boost your sales up.

Fiverr has 606 gigs for social media advertising – a low-competition gig.

Digital marketing gigs

4. Email Marketing.

It is another one of the digital marketing strategies in which through emails you tell your customers about the brands, the services, promotions, and discounts, or the upcoming plans.

655 services are there on Fiverr for email marketing making it an easy catch for beginners.

Digital marketing gigs

5. Video Marketing.

Its again marketing your products and services through the medium of videos. Educate them by making catchy videos about your brand.

Fiverr has 972 gigs for video marketing for now making it the low competition and an easy target for you to gain.

Digital marketing gigs

6. Music Promotion.

It is publicizing music to a larger audience. A music promoter’s job is making the music reach to maximum public, also book artists and concerts. Well, that of course requires some connections but it is quite a gig.

Fiverr has 995 gigs for this. Quite achievable!

Digital marketing gigs

These are some of the low competition categories where, as a beginning-level digital marketer you can serve with your skills and generate an income. So, brand, advertise and earn.

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