When it comes to freelancing, the biggest concern is choosing the right field. What are those easy freelance jobs for beginners that can help them to grow at the beginning of their careers?

Freelancing is leading the world market for years and has become an art. People having no technical Skills are earning as well. There is a number of services that don’t require any technical or non-technical skills. There are a number of freelancing marketplaces where you can offer these services to earn a lot of money including a friendly marketplace for beginners.

If we are skillful and want to earn a good income by staying at home then choosing Freelancing as our career is the best decision. Freelancing is one of the leading professions at the moment.

As new freelancers, we always look forward to those services that are easy and have less competition so we can start our careers easily. But, remember

*Hard work, Consistency and Patience is key to success.”

We researched and brought some easy jobs that will help newbies to start their freelance careers easily. Let’s have a look at those,

Five easy freelance jobs for beginners:

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These freelance jobs are easy with low competition but with high demand as well.
Let’s have a look.


The first easy job with very low competition but with high paying is Virtual assistant & admin work jobs. In this, we offer administrative services to clients from a remote location like from home. Under this we resolve business queries of customers, handle the emails and responses, schedule appointments, handling phone calls and managing their accounts, etc.

So, this is an easy job with high-paying jobs. No skill is required at all for this job but offering this we can earn even up to $1000/month.

Only 203 services are available in the Admin Work category on Fiverr.
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2. Domain Research:

The second very easy job with low competition in Domain Research. A domain is the name of the website. It’s an address from where users access the website. In domain research, the clients need related domains for their business.
They hire the sellers to research and find out the best domain that suits their business also the domains that have expired. There is a number of online tools available to research the domains.

Why do they need domains?

  • Sell this domain with high rates.
  • Build High Authority Sites
  • For 301 Redirects
  • You Make a Money Site

Only 340 services are available on Fiverr in this category which means this is a good opportunity for freelancers to earn money under this category without any technical skills.
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3. Presentation Design:

The third job for beginners is presentation design. It requires no such skills but this is one of the highly paid jobs. In this, the clients ask about different designs of presentations.
You can use Powerpoint or Google Slides where there is a number of templates already available. We just have to edit those designs to their choices and content.

Only 1012 services are available under this google slide category. So this is a good category to earn money.
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4. User Testing:

The fourth very easy job with low competition in User Testing. User testing is a technique to test out the products, prototypes, Websites, Apps, or any software using real users.
In this, a client asks us to check out their whole website or any products to find out any error or a suggestion for improvement in form of a detailed report/document.

Only 321 services are available under this User Testing category. This is a very easy but highly effective and paying job.
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5. Design Gigs:

In Graphics designing there is a number of design gigs with very low competition. That includes

  • Car Wraps
  • Certificate Design.
  • Postcard Design.
  • Catalog Design.
  • Signage Design.
  • Menu Design.
  • Tattoo Design.

You can visit this to read out more about the above gigs. All of the above categories are with very low competition in the graphic designing field. If you have skills or learn and target these categories you can easily earn from $500 to $1000/month. You can learn here about the Ranking of a Gig.

We have tried to mention the easy five easy freelance jobs for beginners. If you have a good account and gigs and you’re staying online, I hope to offer these services you can earn a good income.

Remember, nothing comes with ease. First, decide what do you want to do, big things take time so keep believing in yourself. One day it will be fruitful.

We wish all of our readers utilize their talent and efforts to earn money whatever the platform is. So be honest and keep on trying.

All the best:)

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