Freelancing is a very diverse field. It does not restrict you to certain technical expertise, complex and logical fields but also allows you to make money by doing simple tasks. Freelancing only demands you to be skillful!

One of the components of this diverse spectrum of freelancing is eCommerce that became a profitable source of income, and it got way more customer attention since the “COVID period”.

eCommerce/E-commerce or Electronic Commerce is defined as the buying and selling of goods and services online. To put it more simply, it is the buying of physical products online… also known as online shopping quite a trend these days.

Future of E-commerce.

The world is going more and more in the direction of technology, either for their ease or because of their laziness. They have embraced the internet and technology in their lifestyle, workings, and shopping as well which is why e-commerce has a very secured and flourished future.

E-commerce businesses have great potentials and a growth rate of 265%, from $1.5 trillion in 2015 to $5.9 trillion in 2023 which portrays a bright future for e-commerce with no signs of distress. Global e-commerce sales total generated 3.5 trillion dollars worldwide in the year 2019 – mentioned by OBERLO and is eating up the retail market sales.

E-commerce Platforms.

It is a website that enables online businesses to manage their websites in terms of marketing and sales operations, gives the businesses complete access to their inventory, and processes their payments. Here are some of the best E-commerce platforms mentioned for you that include.

Best e-commerce platforms for the year 2021.

So, the platforms depend on the unique business model you have for the e-commerce operation. Here are some of the best platforms having a distinctive trait.

  1. Shopify – an all-around platform for selling products of all sorts.
  2. Wix – to design a fully developed website.
  3. BigCommerce – for a huge business of enterprise-level
  4. Magneto – suitable for technical features and developers.
  5. WooCommerce – for WordPress-type websites.

So, choose the platform by keeping your business models, the goals you want, the cost, and customers in concern. Find the right tool and e-commerce. But for a small e-commerce business, Shopify is the best and most suggested platform for the fact that it is easily manageable and affordable to start up.

Profitable Ecommerce Business Related Ideas.

Now the point is what you can offer on these e-commerce platforms to organize your start-up. There is a number of products that can be sold online but, these are some profitable business ideas with which you can perform e-commerce.

Jewelry Market: Introduce a unique style of jewelry to a wider audience both national and international.

Home Products & Accessories: You can sell some exquisite home products; you can also sell your self-made products.

Online Grocery Stores: You can create your online grocery store by providing your customers with groceries and increase your sales along with your retail markets.

Cosmetics.: Makeup items are widely used products that have become a need, you can sell them online or you can create your organic product or can introduce your cosmetic chain.

Customized Tee-Shirts: Create amazing tees according to the taste of your customer and sell those on your websites to start an income.

Freelance Services to offer.

There is a number of freelance services we can offer under e-commerce. Freelancing jobs are demanded in e-commerce throughout the world. Some of those are.

Store Designing.

The first requirement to start selling online is a store. Services of development and designing of a store on any platform are in huge demand including all the platforms. By providing services in this field one can earn thousands of dollars/month depending upon the skillset and type of services.

  • Inventory Manager

This person keeps the stock in inventory full without overstocking the inventory and without the excessive storage fees.

  • Order Fulfilment Specialist

Order of your product would be fulfilled at the time and professionally if handled by a specialist. The faster the order gets completed, the happier the customer.

  • Designer and Photographer

Picture your product amazingly to get your customers’ attention. High-resolution pictures captured at good angles increase your product’s value.

  • Customer Service

It is the specialist which gives the customers details and information about the products of the company, the customer wants to buy. He advises them and responds to their complaints.

  • Copywriter

A person who writes advertising material for the products. This material includes cool captions, bulletins, and descriptions for the product for having the quick attention of your customers.

So, these were some of the services provided in this e-commerce field.

This is all about E-commerce for now. Remember Ecommerce is not the cherry on the cake, it is the new cake.

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