Are you a Graphic designer and struggling to find the Low Competition Graphic design Gigs to target on Fiverr in 2021?

Freelance is a career choice, many opt for because of its feasibility, flexible working space, and because it is an easy way to gain a steady income. This in turn leads to one increasing their skills and expertise in the preferred path, while enjoying work and financial stability.

We have once again delved into Fiverr’s algorithm to bring forward 7 Graphics Design gigs that are low competition, to help you create your niche in the freelance community and get started.


There are a number of Gigs on Fiverr with very low competition by which we can earn a lot of dollars per month depending upon whether we are able to get orders or not.

Are you excited to know those 07 low competition gigs on Fiverr?

According to a research all the gigs with less than 3000 are low competition gigs.

1. Catalog Graphics.

The first gig up with a surprisingly low competition rate is Catalogue Graphics. A catalogue is a booklet or guide that has a list and detail of the products that are being displayed in the particular season and presents it to your potential clients. This job entails creating a pleasing and eye-catching catalogue that interests the readers and artfully presents the details to the displayed products and services.

This gig currently has only 8 Services available, meaning that it is low competition and an easy way to start your business.

2. Tattoo Sleeve/ Traditional Tattoo/ Tattoo Artist.

These three keywords also have a low number of gigs in the graphics and design category, once again making it a low competition. If you have the artistic sense and the drive to create tattoo designs, then this is a job that is right up your alley. You can make design templates, traditional tattoos, or even make custom designs it is all up to you!

Currently, there are about 140 to 200 services provided on Fiverr.

3) Storyboard Animations.

A storyboard is a visual representation of a provided script. It is a document that showcases the flow of the story scene by scene and works as a template for the animators. Storyboard animation for you could be just animating a storyboard provided by the client or even creating a storyboard and then animating it into a short video. It all depends on your talent and skills.

As of now, Storyboard animations hold about 152 services.

4) AR Filter.

Augmented Reality is a technology that incorporates part of the imagination and superimposes it onto reality through the camera lens, AR Filters have become quite popular among the teenage and young generation and are in high demand. Be it the dog filter or a parrot on your shoulder or having anime eyes, anything is possible with it.

AR filter is a low competition Graphics and Design gig that has 161 services available.

5) Menu Board/ Menu Card.

When it comes to designing one of the easiest and fun things that you can design are menu cards. A menu board is a digital display of the available products, deals, and combos of the menu on a TV or computer screen. While a menu card is a physical copy of the menu with the price list also available. An effectively designed menu card or menu board has an appealing layout with well-written descriptions and reflects the theme of the establishment as well.

Fiverr have only 290 to 500 gigs under this category.

6) Fashion Sketch.

Fashion sketches communicate the artistic designs in visual and illustrative form, be it on paper or digital. It is mainly used to brainstorm fashion ideas. The sketches could range from clothes to outerwear and accessories like hats. It plays a major role in helping visualize a design before sewing that design through clothes.

There is a total of 595 gigs available.

7)  Party Invitation

If you have an event coming up that the first thing you need to get the party going is a list of guests. Invitation cards are sent to the guests that are to be invited to the event. Party invitation cards are short, and the design should be aesthetically pleasing and engaging. The theme of the invitation can also set the mood of the party. If the party is formal or funky, all of it can be conveyed through the design. You can create presets or even make custom designs and graphics as well.

There are currently about 626 services.

These are the Graphics and Design Gigs that are low competition and thus will help you create your profile rather easily if you work hard and honestly. If some of these gigs, click with you then hesitate no further and start up your own business. We wish you the best on your journey.

Stay Positive and COVID Negative.

Thank you 😊!