Do you want to know the procedure to target low competition keywords on Fiverr?

Freelancing is increasing day by day across the world especially after the COVID Pandemic due to the freedom of work it provides. In Freelancing, you are your own boss. According to research, the Freelancing income in Pakistan has increased by 42% as compared to 2018. Due to that increase, Pakistan is at 4th Place in freelancing around the world. 57% of the freelancers in Pakistan have ages between 25 to 34 years.

Freelancing provides independence and flexibility in working hours. It provides a way to earn money online without leaving your home. There is a number of marketplaces where sellers make their account and provide their services. Buyers visit those marketplaces for their work. The working of Fiverr is different from other marketplaces and is friendly for newbies as new sellers don’t have to bid on projects like UpworkGuru etc.

The question is, How can we find low competition keywords with high demand on fiverr?

Let’s have a look.

Procedure to find Low Competition Keywords:

Keep in mind, the procedure remains same for all the fields but, we will discuss “Content Writing” as an example.

Complete procedure is as follows:

  1. “Switch to buyer” on Fiverr and search-related field keywords.
  2. If the number of gigs under that keyword is less than 5,000 then this is a good keyword to target. Write it down separately.
  3. If the number of gigs is more than 5,000 this is not a good keyword to target.
  4. Keep on repeating the above steps until you find 5 keywords with less than 5,000 gigs.
  5. Target those keywords while making an effective gig.
  6. Put those keywords as tags in your gig.

Let’s understand the procedure with example:

As, we know that we will target the “Content Writing” field as an example but, the procedure remains the same for all fields.

Let’s search the main field keywords “Content Writing”.

As you can see the number of gigs is more than 5,000. So it’s not a good keyword.

Let’s break down the main content writing field into smaller fields, e.g Speech Writing, Essay Writing etc and search for those keywords.

We have targeted now “Essay Writing” and the number of gigs is less than 5,000, so, this a good keyword to target.
Write it down separately.

The next subfield under content writing is “Speech Writing” Let’s have a look on that.
The number of gigs is only 878. So, this is a very good keyword to target.
Again, write it down separately.

keep on following this procedure for all the other related subfields like Creative Writing, Blog Writing, Creative Writer, Script Writing etc, until you find 5 low competition keywords to target.

Once you find those 5 keywords use those keywords as Tags in your Gigs. You can target one keyword for the main gig as well and using all 5 keywords as a tag.
For example,
Make a general writing gig and mention those keywords in the tags section and your services in descriptions.

We have tried to mention the procedure to find the low competition keywords. If you have a good account and gigs and you’re staying online, I hope to offer these services you can earn a good income.

Remember, nothing comes with ease. First, decide what do you want to do, big things take time so keep believing in yourself. One day it will be fruitful.

We wish all of our readers to utilize their talent and efforts to earn money whatever the platfomr is. So be honest and keep on trying.

All the best:)

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