Are you looking for low-competition Social media marketing gigs to target on Fiverr?

Social media platforms are potent income generators, get to know these social sites and start earning. Since social media platforms get huge traffic and are used by many people worldwide so brands use these to increase the reach of their products and services.

If you are familiar with social media apps and know marketing, you can earn by marketing the services and information of a brand you get associated with. Fiverr provides you with some keywords which are quite approachable and high in demand, where even as a beginner you can seek clients.

5 Low Competition gigs in Social Media Marketing with high reward:

There are a number of Gigs on Fiverr with very low competition by which we can earn a lot of dollars per month depending upon whether we are having a good gig to get orders or not. Let’s have a look.

1. Instagram Infographics.

Infographics are minimal text, charts, visuals, and pictures that make a topic easy to comprehend. You can design infographics for Instagram and pursue a freelancing career. Fiver has only 786 gigs available under this category.

social media marketing gigs

2. Instagram Stories.

Create awesome and informative Instagram stories to let your audience updated with your trends, services, and information about your business. Fiverr got 2955 gigs for this service. It’s a moderate keyword type but exclusiveness in work can bring your client’s attention.

social media marketing gigs

3. Snapchat Promotion.

A full–screen–size ad that displays on your mobile phone before or after the content which you were viewing. It’s branding on Snapchat. A very trending and low – competition gig with 213 services available on Fiverr which makes it a good keyword to target.

social media marketing gigs

4. Twitter Marketing.

Marketing on Twitter is very trendy these days and a very genuine source for marketing since people trust the words on Twitter because this is the platform used by public officials to declare their news. The platform is known for its credibility. Fiverr has 708 gigs for Twitter marketing favoring it to be a low- competition keyword, easily approachable for the new people.

social media marketing gigs

5. Facebook Conversation API.

Application Programming Interface (API) meant for messaging is designing a chat box where messages, pictures, and files are exchanged. Facebook conversation API is specifically a chatbox made for Facebook. Fiverr has 1057 services for this category.

social media marketing gigs

These are some of the options through which you can earn money by social media marketing on different social platforms. Since they have low gigs which means that if you are a beginner, your work can draw a client’s attention to Fiverr too.

Make your social media scrolling worthy.

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