With the pandemic on the rise and the world’s social distancing, industries and offices have converted to online conferences and meetings. In short self-start businesses are rising, and a lot of freelance jobs have come into demand.

Freelance is an up-and-coming market and people with no technical skills can earn and live comfortably as well. As a new freelancer, we are searching for and looking to find jobs that have lower competition so we can build our clientele and gain experience as well.


We have researched and come up with a few jobs that are in high demand and low competition count on Fiverr.

1.Podcast Editing

The podcast is an episodic series of audio files available for download. Podcast editing requires cutting and shortening tapes, mixing tracks, and adjusting and compressing audios to make them understandable and consistent.

Podcast editing has only about 206 services so don’t miss out and get started.

Low competition gigs on fiverr

Some of the best tools that we can use for editing podcasts are:

Pro Tools: an industry-standard with every possible tool needed from recording to editing.

Adobe Audition: a comprehensive toolset that includes multitrack, waveform, mixing, editing, and restoring audio content.

Descript: is a no experience necessary tool for editing and its experience is in editing the text to edit the audio. By editing a sentence, the audio track is also edited.

2.Book Editing.

A book editor is someone that reads a book and helps make an improvement to it and provides services like proofreading, copy-editing or literary criticism, and fact-checking. The editor helps provide insight into the grammar and punctuations and helps reassess the book from a different perspective. The available services on fiver for book editing are about 220 so get started and good luck.

low competition gigs on fiverr

3. 3D Garment Design.

3D Garment Designing employs the use of different software to photorealistic images of garments in three-dimension to get a better visualization of the design. There are only 222 services available, so don’t miss out on this chance and get started.

low competition gigs on fiverr

4. Unboxing Videos.

As the name indicates, these are the videos in which one unboxes the contents of the package. The unboxing explains the features of every component in the box and shares their personal views regarding the quality and the usage of the product. This portfolio has become quite a trend, as now the users want to know about the stuff they are purchasing.

If you have the knowledge and like to know about the products presented by brands, you can do review videos and earn for those by offering your service at Fiverr.

There are 249 gigs present on Fiverr for this service.

low competition gigs on fiverr

5. Drone Videography.

Drone videography or aerial cinematography has attained quite attention in event marketing and filmmaking. It is like making videos through the drone from the bird’s view covering the wider scenery. there are 230 gigs available for the category.

low competition gigs on fiverr

We have tried to find the jobs with the least competition and ones that do not involve a lot of technicalities. We hope to help freelancers that are just starting, and we hope that these posts help you with finding and starting your freelance career. We want to offer these services so that they help guide you and can become a source of good income I these trying times.

Any queries that you may have, you can drop in the comment section and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Best of luck on your journey ahead.

Thank you 😊