Nowadays due to the pandemic and social distancing, many people have turned to online work and have turned to freelance. Freelancing is a career that many are opting for not only because of its feasibility during the lockdown but also since it is an easy way to gain a steady income and the approach to increase expertise in the preferred path, with little need for high degree certificates.

Today, we have researched and brought to you 5 content writing gigs and translation services being provided in English and on Fiverr with low competition. You can read out our first blog about content writing gigs.

5 Amazing Low Competition Keywords:

Here are those 5 amazing content writing gigs with very little competition.

1. UX Writers.

A UX Writer is someone that writes UI (user interface) copy or a guide that helps the user understand a website or a digital product, and helps the user interact with them. The primary aim of the guide is to help the user communicate, understand, and navigate through the working of the desired product and be able to use it without much problem.
There are about 89 gigs in the UX writer category.

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2. Movie script.

A movie script is a piece of writing that depicts the plot of a certain piece of media, be it a movie, TV series, or screenplay. This piece also holds instructions on how a scene should play out as well. This includes writing down the actions or emotions for the actor to understand the setting and atmosphere.
On fiver, there are about 122 gigs available. So, if you enjoy recreating a certain piece of writing your fantasy adaption then this is the perfect job for you.

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3. Podcast Writing.

Podcast writing is a script written for a podcast to help ensure that the audio is clear, tight, valuable, and understandable for the listeners. A podcast script is more of a guideline rather than an actual script that holds important notes that have to be included in the episodes, to not forget some important points.
There are about 270 services provided on Fiverr making it a low competition job.

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4. Sales Copywriting.

A sales copywriting is a piece that relays information to the consumer and persuades them to purchase a certain product or service. The piece can be written in the form of a paragraph, as a list, or even as an image that helps describe the benefits of purchasing the product or service. The main point is to highlight the benefits and convenience of the advertised item.
Currently, we have only 607 services available in this category.

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5. Legal Writing.

Legal writing is a piece of writing that involves the analysis of fact patterns and the presentation of arguments in a document. As a legal writer, you can produce legal newsletters, brochures, news reports, and attorney profiles. Some forms of legal writing involve drafting a balanced analysis of a legal problem or issue. Another form may involve persuasive writing that advocates in favor of a legal position.
The available number of services for Legal writing is 811 making it a very low competition keyword as well.

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These are all the jobs that have low competition but still are quite in demand with a suitable income. If you are multilingual, your services become even more unique, as you can translate and proofread different translations of articles and essays. If any of these listed low competition essay writing and translation jobs interested you then you can offer your services of Fiverr and start up your own business.

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