Do you belong to Architecture, Civil Engineering, or any other related field and looking forward to starting your career as a freelancer but don’t know the keywords to target? Don’t worry you are in right place.

In our previous blogs, we have presented you with various low gig options in digital marketing, graphic designing, and writing categories through which you can freelance from home and earn. In this very blog, we’ll let you explore some low-competition gigs under the “The Architecture & Building Design” category.

Let’s have a look on amazing Low Competition Gigs under this field:


These portfolios are the way of conveying your story through visuals, imagery, and text related to the sketched building views. You can either create the ones or review others’ portfolios and give advice. On Fiverr, there are only 65 services available in this category making it a good keyword to target.


Create great sketches of interior and exterior views of the building and earn through it. It is a low-competition gig with only 390 services yet available on Fiverr, making it an achievable target keyword for the beginner-level architect.


This comes under “Building Information Modeling”. This is the process of using tools and technology to represent the physical and functional characteristics of the buildings in 3D digital form. This has only 11 gigs present on the platform of Fiverr which would be an easy catch for beginners.


It is a subcategory under “Landscape Design” in which you can plan and design the landscapes like you can design gardens, pools, backyards even housing schemes. Fiverr has only 408 gigs under this category.


Sketch the concept maps or drawings of the infrastructure, architectural sketches of the houses, buildings, etc. Fiverr has 325 services available for “Diagram & Mapping” which comes under “Architecture & Interior Design”.

In the following blog, we have mentioned 5 low – competition, in-trend gigs under the category “Architecture & Building Design” which you can access by having a dropdown menu through hovering your cursor onGraphics & Design” They are achievable by the beginners as well. so be your boss and freelance as an architect as this COVID season is giving you the chance to experience work from home.

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Stay positive and COVID negative:)

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