To earn extra income or for a part time job the world is turning towards freelancing. Though it’s not a part job at all but indeed a full time career.

According to Payoneer’s Gig Economy Index that is published in Forbes USA stood at the top with 78% growth in Freelance market followed by the UK at 59%, Brazil at 48% and Pakistan with one step above at 4th place with 47% growth in Freelancing in past years.
According to them, Pakistan is among leading Freelancing countries leaving behind many other countries in the top 10 around the globe and the majority of freelancers in Pakistan are under 30 years of age which is a very good sign for Pakistan.

Though, as good as freelancing sounds, new freelancers not only worried about the career and skills suits them but also in search of most in-demand skills in the present as most in-demand skills were replaced by another in past as the process continues.

After a lot of research, here are the Top 10 In-demand freelance skills to learn in 2021:

1. Website and Application Development.

Web and app development involves the knowledge of different coding languages like App development involves Java, Kotlin, XML etc whereas, Web development involves HTML/CSS, JavaScript, bootstrap etc as database knowledge is common in both. Both the skills are always in demand around the globe in a past number of years.

2. Artificial Intelligence.

AI is a vast field and with progress and revolution around the world, it is going to be a top-notch skill in demand in near future. It includes multiple things like Speech recognitions, Intelligent Chatbots, problem-solving, learning and planning as the machines are developed that thinks and work like humans in these fields.

3. Data Analysis.

Data is a big game in the modern era. Data analysis includes applying different techniques to describe, analyze and evaluate data. It includes different methods but the end result is ensuring the integrity of data to be an accurate and appropriate analysis of research.

4. Digital & Social Media Marketing.

Both of these fields are beyond the terms in the current era and have become the core part of any business to exist in the modern world. Especially after the COVID Pandemic world has realised that the digitalization of business is very important and digital and social media marketing is necessary for growth in the online world.
Social media marketing includes marketing on online social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc.
Whereas, Digital marketing includes SEO, Email, Content Marketing, Public Relations and offline world as well.

5. eCommerce Development.

eCommerce is another field which is in high demand after-effects of COVID. As the world is shifting towards digitalization in which eCommerce is a key element. It includes the development of Online Stores and websites using different development platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooComerce etc with a presence on social media platforms.

6. Virtual Assistant & Admin Work.

In Virtual assistant & admin work jobs, we offer administrative services to clients from a remote location like from home. Under this we resolve business queries of customers, handle the emails and responses, schedule appointments, handling phone calls and managing their accounts etc.

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is core and need of every business or services online. It is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to the website. It prefers unpaid traffic to a website using backlinks and tags rather than paid traffic. SEO is a highly paid skill across the world in the current era.

8. Creative Writing.

Good content is the heart of any business. Creative writing is a vast field with a lot of services included in it. Client demands for an article with proper SEO and proper keywords research which can rank after being published. It includes Speech, Essay, Email writing and many other services as well like Email newsletters, Video Scripts, Social Media Posts etc.

9. Video Editing & Animation.

Video editing and animated videos are highly paid and in-demand skill at the moment around the world. The businesses around the world use differently animated and other videos for their brand promotions, sales and even for a youtube video. So, this is another skill to learn and earn money in 2021.

10. User Testing.

It is a skill in which the interface and functions of any app, website, product etc are tested by reakl users by performing tasks in realistic conditionns. This is a highly paid and in demand skill around the world.

So, these were the top 10 in-demand skills for 2021 according to our research. You may find other leading jobs on other platforms as well which are according to their research which can help you to earn money in 2021.

Remember, nothing comes with ease. First, decide what do you want to do, big things take time so keep believing in yourself. One day it will be fruitful.

We wish all of our reader utilize their talent and efforts to earn money whatever the platfomr is. So be honest and keep on trying.

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