Freelance is an up-and-coming business that is increasingly becoming popular among our generation, due to its convenience and many benefits. One of the major benefits is the ease of working location, flexible working hours, and the prospect that the earnings are directly equitable to the hard work put into the project. This means that no amount of effort is gone unpaid and you get your full reward ad credibility for the work done.

Keeping this in mind we have gone and researched on Fiverr certain jobs from all types of categories that are low competition but still in high demand. This will help you easily put your name out there and make a credible standing in the freelance community as well.

So, without wasting much time let’s dig into it to find out 8 best gigs on fiverr with low competition and high demand.

1. Audiobook Production.

Audiobook production is a service that comes under the Music & Audio category. You can use your voice to produce an audio version of a written book. It is the process of narrating a written novel or series and turning it into an audio file.

Currently, there are about 15 services available for Audiobook production on Fiverr.

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2. Display Advertising.

Display Advertising is the use of appealing and aesthetic graphics to help advertise on the internet or billboards and televisions. The main purpose is to deliver general information or brand messages to prospective customers and visitors. It is mainly graphic designing of ads to appeal to the people to purchase a product or relay information.

There are about 25 gigs on Fiverr related to Display Advertising.

Gigs on fiverr

3. Synth Presets

Synth Presets are preset that are already created patch or settings, that are loaded onto a synthesizer. It helps new and upcoming music producers and composers with the basic beats and tunes during music-making. The synth presets are readily available audio signals

There are only 41 gigs on Fiverr at present.

Gigs on fiverr

4. Customer Care.

Customer care is under the business category. The main services that you offer are on the front end of the brand and thus are representative of the brand. It’s the provision of services to the customer before, during, and after purchase to help build an emotional connection.

There are about 63 gigs available for this category on Fiverr.

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5. Beat Maker.

A beatmaker is a person that fully composes and writes an original music piece or composes music. They can either play different instruments or already present pieces and manipulate them to produce an original and new beat. Currently, there are only 112 Gigs on Fiverr in this category.

Gigs on fiverr

6. AR Filter.

AR Filter is an augmented reality filter. These are computer-generated effects that are designed to be superimposed on reality and real-life images. AR filters work by adding a layer forward or backward of the original image creating an augmented reality. As Instagram and Snapchat are one of the most popular social apps this is a high-demand low competition gig.

There are only 152 Gigs on Fiverr in this category.

Gigs on fiverr

7. Floral Pattern.

The floral pattern is a part of the design and graphics category. This job entails designing floral patterns specifically, be it for clothes or templates for PowerPoint slides, brochures, or pamphlets. This specificity helps your gig to be higher in ranking and has low competition.
There are only 198 Gigs on Fiverr in this category.

Gigs on fiverr

8. Infographic Animation

Infographic animation is a short-animated video that showcases a certain piece of information. It is a way of visualizing information with the help of imagery, graphs, charts, and test that are animated, to help appeal more to the viewer. It helps make the delivery of complex information easier to digest and as such help spread awareness
There are only 254 Gigs on Fiverr in this category.

Gigs on fiverr

These are just some of the few jobs available that have low competition but in high demand. Finding Specified keywords with low competition is the key to finding the required service, so correct labelling and adding keywords to your gigs help bring them forward during a search due to their relevance. This in turn helps you to create a stable form of income with great credibility.

If you have any queries ask in the comment section.

Thank you 😊