Freelancing gives you the opportunity of turning your skills into a full income and Fiverr is the best platform, offering you to get recognized and paid for your talent. When it comes to Graphic designing it is not only about the logo, or poster designing etc. This is a vast field where there are several other services, we can offer to make a good income.

Do you want to know about those graphic design gigs having very low competition?

After a lot of research here are eight low competition graphic design gigs where you can start your freelancing career as a graphic designer.

1. Pattern Design.

Pattern designing is simply creating patterns, if you have the knowledge of graphic designing software and have an artistic sense you can generate an income by doodling patterns for different products. There are only 202 services available.

Graphic design gigs

2. Fashion Design.

It is the art of implementing design and aesthetics to the cloths and their accessories. If you have a great fashion sense, then this is perfect for you. There are 234 services available.

Graphic design gigs

3. Jewellery Design.

It is designing or creating jewellery with your artistic skills. There are only 713 services available for jewellery designing on Fiverr.

Graphic design gigs

4. Storyboards.

Storyboard creation is a pictorial way of narrating directions, portraying a storyline, or displaying instructions in a sequence. It is a great chance of designing your storyboards for games and comics and sell them. This portfolio has 693 gigs.

Graphic design gigs

5. Presentation Design.

A great presentation is an ideal way of communicating your idea to the audience in a professional setting. It is setting up pictures, words, ideas, and concepts in the slides in an explainable way. This is an in-demand task for earning. 496 gigs are available for this category.

Graphic design gigs

6. Cartoons & Comics.

Design characters for animation or comic series. Let your figures be your money-makers. 1211 services are available on Fiverr.

Graphic design gigs

7. Business Cards & Stationery.

Generate visually appealing customized designs for business cards and stationery to generate an income. Only 884 services are available in this which means there is very low competition.

Graphic design gigs

8. Poster Design.

Design aesthetic templates to make your posters also visually appealing along with the information. Fiverr has 320 gigs only in this category keyword.

Graphic design gigs

These are some low competition gigs for graphic designers on Fiverr. There are more low competition gigs in the graphic designing field which we have uploaded in our graphic designs gigs blog 1.

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