Freelance work is not only meant for those who have mastery in complex software but also for those who have established skills in easy software as well. By using easy-to-comprehend software you can freelance as well.

5 Amazing Freelance tools:

Here are a few freelance tools that are simple to grasp and are quite trending on

1. Whiteboard Animation Software.

Whiteboard animation is the physical drawing an author does to portray the storyline using time-lapse usually and records the illustrations. Some of the very easy software for this is Video Scribe and Expandio whiteboard animation software is the ones which are easy and are perfect to get a grip on despite the experience level.

2. Spreadsheets.

This is an electronic documenting software in which the data is assembled in rows and columns and is manipulated through calculations. Companies use this software for record-keeping and statistical analysis. Master this software and you can work with a company and be on their data management team. Microsoft Excel for windows users, Google sheets (online), and iWork Numbers – iOS users.

3. Project Management Tools.

These tools help individuals and companies to manage their projects and organize their tasks efficiently. Some of the easy project management tools are Asana, software for team management and tasks. Jira – flexible, management software.

4. Presentation Software.

Very simple software to learn, these programs are present information on slides as pictures, text, and videos. Some of the very easy ones are Microsoft PowerPoint and keynote presentation software.

5. Photoshop Software.

It is an editor software used to create, edit, and enhance images, illustrations, and artworks. Some easy photoshop tools are fine alpaca and GIMP, and Polarr that are beginner-friendly.

These are some of the easy tools which even people with a non – technical background can use as well and start a freelancing career in the future. Start today and make money. For more latest dynamics in the world of freelancing keep going through our website.

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